UPDATE: Vehicle Replacement Programme – First Round

Over the last 34 years the Trust has spent over £2.5 million to sponsor thousands of vehicles in hundereds of ports arond the world. Mobility is one of the main challenges faced by seafarers in ports. With ship turnaround times getting shorter vehicles become even more important. Without a vehicle the important services provided to seafarers by port chaplains and other port welfare workers would become impossible.

The ITF Seafarers’ Trust, in conjunction with ICMA and NAMMA, has recently carried out a mapping exercise to gather information on the current usage and needs of vehicles in ports around the world.  ICMA and NAMMA are both international associations that represent the great majority of seafarers’ centres.  The aim of the survey was to improve the way in which vehicles are awarded and replaced. We want a more equal and fair distribution of funds provided towards vehicles targetted at where there is most need. Ideally we will try to involve other funders to provide more vehicles.

Thanks to the great efforts carried out by NAMMA and ICMA, the Trust is now able to shortlist, according to the information provided in the survey, the vehicles that need to be replaced. We are now inviting applicants to apply for a vehicle for a grant according to the standard procedure. We will only consider invited applicants, so if you didn’t receive an invitation email, but you think you need a new vehicle, please get in touch with us before applying.

We still require an endorsement letter from your local ITF Affiliated Union as well as the information provided in the survey. Additional evidence of the vehicle usage are also required and applicants are asked to keep an ongoing bus log to track the vehicle’s usage and activities (to start from the 2 months following purchase of the vehicle). Please be aware that applying for a grant does not guarantee that you will be awarded the funds. Each application will be subject to a thorough evaluation and assessment.

The deadline for applications is on the 15th of February 2016. The grant requests will be discussed in mid-March 2016. We endeavour to hold two application rounds a year.

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