The Grant Funders’ Network interviews Ms Lucy Cooper, Programme Development Manager ITF Seafarers’ Trust



Grant Funders’, which is a network run by grant managers for grant managers, interviewed Ms Lucy Cooper about her new role as the Programme Development Manager at the ITF Seafarers’ Trust:


Above: Ms Lucy Cooper, Programme Development Manager ITF Seafarers’ Trust

How is the new role going and what is your focus?
The new role is really great.  I have come from an International Development/ Humanitarian background so it has been really interesting to learn about a new sector, particularly a sector that is so vital, but so hidden from view.

How has your role integrated with the existing roles in the Trust?
We are a small team so we do all tend to work very closely together, albeit with a different focus.  My role is developing new projects for the Trust and with others, but there has been a lot of opportunity to learn from what has been done before.

Following the 2015 Women Seafarers Health Welfare Survey have you funded any grants to support this area?
As part of our 2016 Workshop Series, which brings together panels of experts to discuss key maritime issues, the global population of women seafarers is high on the agenda.  We plan to use the workshop to inform our programming strategy for women at sea, and hopefully it will be a strategy that is relevant not only to the Seafarers Trust but for the maritime community as a whole.

What is the most far-flung region you have travelled to with ITF Seafarers Trust?
Hamburg. I think the title for most far-flung traveller goes to our Head of Trusts who just came back from a road trip through West Africa!

What is your 2016 ‘grant of the year’?
I am very excited about the projects that we have underway for 2016.  I am particularly looking forward to the launch of the Unmanned Centres pilot project. We are focusing on ports where there are currently no welfare services available to seafarers ( 

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