Supporting The Seafarers Wellbeing Programme

The Seafarers’ Trust is supporting the seafarers well being programme in Myanmar, which aims to improve the knowledge, change attitudes on HIV/AIDS, and other health related issues including mental health and nutrition of Myanmar seafarers.

Introducing Wellbeing Programme:
IFOMS introduced Wellbeing Programme at Member meeting held at YMBA on 7th May, 2016. General Secretary of IFOMS, Aung Kyaw Lin, explained to IFOMS members that IFOMS is going to organize health awareness trainings and vocational trainings successively. And then he added that Health care program by medical officer will be provided for free once a week at IFOMS office. HIV/AIDS wellbeing training was already coached by Dr.Asif from ITF at IFOMS office.

HIV/AIDS Seafarers Wellbeing Awareness Programme:
1st HIV/AIDS Wellbeing Awareness Programme dedicated to seafarers’ health care knowledge was held organized by IFOMS on 7th May, 2016 at YMCA from 9 AM to 1:30 PM., Total 55 participants (37 men and 18 women) including seafarers and their family members attended the workshop. At first, IFOMS president Zaw Aung gave opening speech and participants introduced themselves.
Doctor Soe Naing from Alliance Myanmar introduced Health and Wellbeing knowledge aiming to understand the importance of health and wellbeing in professional and daily work, to scale- up the health-related knowledge and its application, to empower them to be able to participate in awareness raising and community mobilizing activities in their areas
Basic HIV knowledge was explained by Dr. Aye Ko Ko from Alliance Myanmar aiming to be able to understand the basic knowledge of HIV Facilitator will explain the concepts by using Power point slides. It will show Nature of HIV virus, HIV prevention and transmission.

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