Shore Leave 3.0

We are very excited to launch the new version of Shore Leave, the Seafarers’ Trust app designed for seafarers. This time all of the seafarers’ centres listed in the app are involved, and we need your help to make this successful.

The aim of the new version of Shore Leave is to encourage more seafarers to visit the centres you run and to have more fun using the app. To do so, we have implemented a raffle system using QR codes. Each Seafarers’ Centre listed in the app is allocated a specific QR code for its centre/location. Seafarers that visit your centre will scan the QR code with the App and receive an electronic raffle ticket to take part in our raffle. Every 4 months the raffle winner will be selected from all of the entrants and a new raffle will start. The first winner will get an IPad.

We implemented a map system as well. Seafarers can either use the maps while they are online or download and use them offline. Seafarers will be able to post pins on the map about places of interest so that other seafarers using the app will see the recommendations from others that have already visited that particular port or city. They can pin down sport facilities, good bars, bus stop etc.

Moreover, we added some customization options to the App. It is now possible to upload a profile photo and keep track  of carrier on board, adding the name of the ship seafarers are sailing with, ranks and where and when they sign on or off.

Shore Leave was first launched in 2014 and it was actually the very first app specifically developed for seafarers. The idea was to collect all the seafarers’ centres contact details in an app, knowing that most seafarers cannot rely on an internet connection. The app, once downloaded, was and still is functioning offline. All the contacts are stored in seafarers’ phones and easily accessible at any time, so that they can always call for a bus to give them a ride to the seafarers’ centre, mall or nearby city.

Once again we hope that seafarers can get the most out of their Shore Leave.


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