Seafarers’ Rights International (SRI)

The ITF Seafarers’ Trust is a major funder of Seafarers’ Rights International (SRI), an independent pan-industry centre dedicated to advancing the rights of seafarers and fishers through research, education and training in issues concerning seafarers and the law. SRI was set up in September 2010 in response to the need for improved protection for seafarers in national and international laws.

The work of SRI is guided by an Advisory Board comprising a cross-section of individuals of high repute from the shipping industry, academia and the legal world.

SRI is engaged in research on various issues that concern seafarers’ rights, such as the Maritime Labour Convention; wages and arrest of ships and maritime liens; death and injuries at sea; abandonment of seafarers; cabotage; and fishers’ rights.

A major focus of research is the important issue of fair treatment of seafarers. International backing has been given to a new initiative from SRI which aims to harness the support of governments worldwide in implementing locally-binding legislation on the fair treatment of seafarers following a maritime casualty. The research phase of the project was followed by a specially convened workshop attended by representatives from more than 50 countries, and addressed by Kitack Lim, Secretary General of the IMO, Corinne Vargha, Director of Labour Standards at the ILO, Stephen Cotton, General Secretary of the ITF and Jacqueline Smith, Maritime Coordinator of the ITF.A programme of Regional workshop sessions, operating in partnership with local governments, is now being undertaken.

SRI has also demonstrated a commitment to education and training, undertaking a programme of internship opportunities and seminars, aimed at educating young professionals in the practicalities of shipping and the law concerning seafarers.

Within the SRI website, visitors can access the SRI Legal Database, an extensive resource containing content on international regulations, legislation on nation states as it applies to seafarers, case law, examples of seafarers contracts and academic advice and opinions.

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