Seafarers International House Infrastructure Projects


Located on Union Square in Manhattan, Seafarers International House provides seafarers passing through the ports of New York, New England, New Jersey, Baltimore and Philadelphia with a warm place to sleep. By New York standards, the prices of the rooms – around 90 USD per night – are comparably cheap! For visiting seafarers they in fact receive a 50 % reduction.

At our April 2015 Trustees meeting, it was decided to award $175,000 to the guesthouse to fund a quite sizeable infrastructure project concerning the state of the buildings dilapidated lift system. With 84 rooms and around 7,000 seafarers visiting the guesthouse every year, the lifts servicing the 13-story building are integral to its continued use. Indeed, without functioning elevators to provide transportation to the thirteen floors, the guesthouse would no longer be able to to provide lodging to seafarers, and the run the business that brings in income that supports their ship visiting activities. According to the latest statistics, Seafarers International House reaches approximately 22,400 seafarers a year through their port ministry.

With the money provided, work will now be able to start on this urgent project and the guesthouse will be able to continue onwards with its vital work for the seafaring community.


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