Scholarships at IMO International Maritime Law Institute (IMLI)

IMLI was established in 1988 through an international agreement, and its Statute was approved by the IMO Assembly at its 16th Session. The main purpose of the Institute is to assist Governments, particularly those of developing countries, to implement IMO treaties and other international legal instruments, including those relating to the human dimension in shipping. For some time, it was commonly acknowledged that some IMO Member States wished to enforce rules adopted by the Organization, but lacked the necessary human expertise to do so. To satisfy this need, the Institute provides suitably qualified candidates with the opportunity to undertake advanced training, study and research in international maritime law.

The Institute, which is based in Malta, is an international centre for the training of specialists in maritime law and the general law of the sea, with special reference to the international regulations and procedures for the safety, security and efficiency of shipping, the prevention of marine pollution from ships, and protection of life at sea – including the safeguarding of seafarers’ rights. To date, a total of 703 students from over 133 States have successfully undergone studies at IMLI.

In 2017 the ITF Seafarers’ Trust decided to re-establish a working relationship with IMLI and provide scholarship for 2 students. We have been given the chance to design a special module to be taught to graduates entitled “The ITF and the Challenges Facing Seafarers: Abandonment, Piracy and Criminalisation”.  Moreover, the Maltese ITF Inspector was invited to talk to students about his job and the difficulties he has to face to claim unpaid wages and support abandoned seafarers.

2018 ITFST IMLI Graduates

The newly built relationship between the Trust and IMLI has brought good results.  The two Trust sponsored students were extremely bright and gave us very positive feedback about the level of education provided at IMLI. For the Academic year 2018/19 the Trust decided to sponsor 4 students.

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