Visit to the Port of Algiers (July 2018)

On Saturday 21 July Katie Higginbottom (Head of the ITFST) and Luca Tommasi (Project Manager) visited the Port of Algiers to discuss the potential development of seafarers’ welfare facilities. They were pleased to have some very positive meetings with unions, the port authorities and SERPORT and DP World and a new proposal is now being developed for maritime welfare services in the port of Algiers.

Katie Higginbottom said “We are very grateful for the warm welcome we received in Algiers. It’s clear that there is a real will to improve conditions for visiting seafarers and we look forward to working together with all parties to make the project a reality.”

The ITFST is especially grateful to Seddik Berrama of the UGTA (Union Général de Travailleurs Algériens) for facilitating the event.


The development of good seafarers welfare facilities is one of the focal points of the ITFST via our grants and supported programmes. For more information you may like to read about the International Port Welfare Programme and our Vehicle Replacement Programme for seafarers’ welfare organisations.

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