First 100% electric vehicle sponsored by the Trust


Every day we see more and more electric cars on the street, but have you ever seen a 100% electric vehicle available for seafarers? You may need to go to La Reunion to experience a silent drive on the 100% electric vehicle used by Les Amis des Marins.

When Alain Djeutang, the centre manager,  contacted me to replace the centres’ old vehicle with an electric one, I though it was an excellent idea. Centres are struggling to meet running costs, and green vehicles can dramatically cut their fuel bill, not to mention maintenance costs. The vehicle is environment friendly, emitting zero CO2 and can run for 100 miles on a charge and it can be “refuel” directly in the seafarers’ centre. There are often tax rebates, insurance discounts and as they are zero CO2 emission, you can drive even where congestion charges apply.

The vehicle was funded by the ITF Seafarers’ Trust with a contribution by the Minister of Ecology of France. We would like to encourage all the centres to investigate possible environmental friendly solutions to transport seafarers. So think carefully before buying your next vehicle, it might be worth giving an electric vehicle a try.

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