Results of ‘FİLİKA’ (lifeboat) project shared at seminar

The ITF Seafarers Trust (ITFST) were pleased to be invited to a seminar at the Turkish Chamber of Shipping on 14 September to present the research findings of the ‘FİLİKA’ (lifeboat) project. Run by the TDS trade union and Istanbul Sabahattin Zaim University, the project looks at the psycho – social problems of seafarers and their families. The seminar shared the interesting outcomes of the research, which confirmed the stress on family life of distance and lack of connectivity between seafarers and their loved ones, and presented positive initiatives to provide family counselling and coaching for children of seafarers. The ITFST has provided a grant towards the project and were pleased to hear their support was appreciated by all stakeholders who commit to sharing the findings and working together to address the issues the research highlighted.

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