Day of the Seafarer 2016

On the 25th June 2016, we celebrate the Day of the Seafarer. Our Seafarers around the world help transport over 90% of our household goods. They risk their lives for us and are away from their families for long periods. For example,without our seafarers, we would not be able to enjoy the wide variety of fruit that we see in our supermarket shelves today or even enjoy a cruise during our holidays.

This year’s campaign theme  is titled, “At Sea For All”. This year’s theme is closely intertwined with the 2016 World Maritime Day theme called, “Shipping: indispensable to the world”, highlighting that seafarers are essential not only to the global shipping industry, but for all of us as well.

You can spread the message via social media by using the hashtag #AtSeaForAll.

There is a Day of the Seafarer Quiz available to test your seafaring knowledge. Click here to play the quiz.

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The ITF Seafarers’ Trust wishes you a fantastic Day of the Seafarer.

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