Cruise ship rescue union weathers Covid-19 storm in support of seafarers and their families

Over 200 maritime families and visiting seafarers in the port of Montevideo, Uruguay, will continue to receive Covid-19 aid. It’s thanks to the maritime union that has supported the safe repatriation of the “Greg Mortimer” crew.

The ITF Seafarers’ Trust Emergency Covid fund awarded to UTT, the Unión de Trabajadores del Transporte Marítimo Aéreo Terrestre y Afines, will ensure that much needed food boxes and medical supplies, personal protective equipment (PPE) and Wi-Fi reach seafarers in the Port of Montevideo.

Suspension of national flagged ship, ferry and tugboat services left UTT’s members without work following the closure of Uruguayan borders and mandatory quarantine for all citizens coming from high risk countries in March. The UTT sprang into action and began to use its reserve funds to support seafarers and their families. At the same time, the union continued visiting the different ships in the port of Montevideo to offer masks, latex gloves, alcohol gel and internet connection.

“On behalf of every single UTT member, those without work and the seafarers from all over the world that today find themselves in Uruguay’s ports – we thank you very much for this grant ” said UTT’s General Secretary Francisco Del Gaudio.

“This is the first grant to reach Latin America and we are proud it is going to the UTT, the union that has worked tirelessly with the International Transport Workers’ Federation and the Foreign Ministries in Uruguay, to support the repatriation of crew members from all over the world onboard cruise ship the Greg Mortimer. We are honoured to help the UTT keep maritime families and visiting seafarers healthy, fed, safe and connected” said Katie Higginbottom, Head of the ITF Seafarers’ Trust.

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