How to apply for a grant from the ITF Seafarers’ Trust Covid-19 Welfare Fund

What is the ITF Seafarers’ Trust Covid-19 Welfare Fund?

The ITF Seafarers’ Trust Covid-19 Fund is an extraordinary fund established for a limited period to provide grants to benefit seafarers and maintain seafarers’ welfare services in difficulties due to the Covid-19 pandemic and its financial consequences.

The fund has two main purposes:

  • to facilitate fast grant payments for specific projects to alleviate hardship, stress and isolation of seafarers and their families
  • to provide funds for the maintenance of seafarers’ welfare services during the period of instability caused by Covid-19 and the measures taken to combat the virus

Grants are for emergency needs arising from the unique circumstances created by Covid-19 that cannot be met by other means.

Grants matched or co-funded by other organisations are encouraged.

Global and inter-faith cooperation and coordination is also encouraged.

Regional, national and global solutions are more likely to be supported.

Before applying for a grant, please read the guide on how to apply, you can download the guidance by clicking the “Download How to Apply Guide” button below.

After you have read the guide, you can apply for an ITF Seafarers’ Trust Covid-19 Welfare Fund grant by clicking the “Apply for a Covid-19 Welfare Fund grant” button, then clicking “New applicant?”.

If you are applying for a grant for the first time (or applied before March 2019) you will need to set up new log in before you can make an application. If you have applied for any grant from the Seafarers’ Trust since March 2019, you can use your existing log in details.

You do not have to finish making an application all at one time, you can save your application and finish it later.

If you have already started and saved an application or already submitted one (since March 2019) please use the “Returning applicants” button to:

– continue your application form,

– check your grant request status and pending requirements (such as endorsement) or

– check the reporting schedule or other post grant requirements of grants you have previously made.

If you cannot remember your password, you can also reset it here.

If you have any questions regarding your grant application, use the “Contact Us” button to send us an email to request help or advice.

Click here to download guidance on applying for a grant from the Seafarers’ Trust Covid-19 Welfare Fund

If your organisation is making a new grant application, click here and then click on “New Applicant?”

Click here and enter your log in details if you want to:

  • continue your unfinished application
  • check your current application
  • you need to complete a report or send us additional information

You can also request a new password if you have forgotten yours.

Click here to send us an email

Other documents

Click above to download a list of the Covid-19 Welfare Fund grant application questions

Click above to download our privacy policy and read about how we store and use your data.

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