Shore Leave App


The ITF Seafarers’ Trust has launched a new version of its Shore Leave app, which aims to help crew members to make the most of their limited free time in port.


The app only needs to be downloaded once – giving users the ability to get contact details for seafarers’ centres all over the world while offline. It also includes all the contact details for the 24/7 ISWAN Seafarers Help service.


Shore Leave 3.0 aims to encourage more seafarers to visit port-based centres and to have more fun using the app. It features a raffle system using QR codes – with seafarers receiving an electronic raffle ticket when they visit centres listed in the app. A winner will be selected every four months – and the first winner will get an iPad.The new app also includes a map feature, which seafarers can use while online or download for use offline. They will be able to post pins on the map about places of interest in particular ports or cities so that others can see recommendations for sport facilities, good bars, and transport systems. Shore Leave 3.0 also incorporates some customisation options – and users will be able to upload a profile photo, add the name of their ship, ranks, and where and when they sign on or off.


Shore Leave is available for free for Android and IPhone.



Seafarers Rights International App


Seafarers facing legal problems can now obtain immediate information concerning their rights, wherever they are in the world, with a new app formally launched today by Seafarers’ Rights International (SRI) after three months of user testing.


Deirdre Fitzpatrick, Executive Director of SRI said: “Seafarers need tangible support 24/7. There are many good companies and maritime administrations that provide seafarers with assistance and support with regard to their human rights. However where that is not the case, this app will provide a lifeline for seafarers. The app has been designed to operate offline so that seafarers can access information at all times. It is compatible with iPhone, iPad, Android and Blackberry devices.


The app has a unique ‘Find a Lawyer’ tool which gives immediate access to a database of lawyers around the world who have signed up to the SRI Charter – a statement of good practice in the provision of legal services to seafarers – and who may be able to offer assistance to seafarers facing criminal prosecution.”


Brian Orrell OBE, Chairman of the Advisory Board of SRI said:
“It is important that the work of SRI gets directly to seafarers. This is why this practical advice is now being made available on an app, and we are also producing on-line education materials free of charge for seafarers to raise their awareness around subjects relevant to their working lives. This education will ensure that seafarers’ rights are real and meaningful for them.”


ITF Seafarers App

In March 2013, the ITF launched two separate apps – Look up a ship and Find an inspector. These apps enabled seafarers to find out ship particulars, and to make contact with ITF inspectors and affiliated maritime unions. Both apps had very positive feedback from seafarers and those chartering ships alike, which inspired the ITF to combine and improve the apps into a one-stop-shop for seafarer needs.


“By making the app available for free on the two most widely used smartphone operating systems, we hope to reach many seafarers”, said Steve Trowsdale, ITF Inspectorate Coordinator. “Seafarers can now use the app to look up a ship, find an inspector or union, and get in contact with the ITF helpline. The app will also leave a local copy of the find an inspector data on your phone, so even if you can’t access the internet on-board ship, your phone will remember all the information you need to stay informed”. ITF Seafarers will continue to be developed with new features expected soon.


ITF Seafarers is available for free for Android and IPhone.



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